Our History

Midwest Die Assembly

In 1982 Midwest Die Corp was formed by brothers Rodney and Gary Nitz along with friend and neighbor Ray Kinnison. Setting up shop in the back of Ray’s welding business, Rod and Gary pursued their dream of owning a tool shop. Gary was a seasoned journeyman mold maker then, and Rod was still drying the ink on his certificate.

Midwest Die About Us 1In 1984 Rod and his cousin Richard Nitz partnered, as Gary and Ray chose to move on to other employment and business opportunities. Richard was also a seasoned mold maker and had always wanted to own a shop. They decided to move the equipment to a rental facility in downtown Baroda where they remained for the next 16 years.

In 1991 the Nitz’s decided it was a time that Midwest Die has a place to call home and built a new 8,000 sq. ft., climate-controlled facility in the industrial district of Baroda. A 2,000 sq. ft. storage facility followed in 1996. After the “great recession,” it was time to add another 8,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space to accommodate new equipment and facilitate growth. Currently, Midwest Die has approximately 20,000 sq. ft. under roof.

With dedicated and well-trained employees, investment in modern technologies, and attention to quality and customer service, Midwest Die has proven themselves as a trusted and sought after source for die cast tooling.

Our Capabilities

At Midwest Die Corp., we focus on producing the highest-quality die cast dies for aluminum, zinc, and magnesium.  But we also manufacture dies that utilize beryllium copper. This amazing copper alloy has the tensile strength of steel but the heat-transfer properties of copper.

Our 13 CNC machines and two EDM machines enable us to work to tolerances of +/- 0.001” for most projects. Extremely delicate work, such as splines, will require tolerances of +/- 0.0005”.

Equipment List and Specifications

Machine Make / Model Type Axis Travels Spindle Max. Workpiece Limitations Notes / Features / Vintage
X Y Z to Table RPM Wt. (lbs.) Size - X Size - Y
Haas VF-2YT Vert. Mach. Ctr. 30.00 20.00 20.00 24.00 8K 3000     Thru Spindle Coolant        2014
Haas VF-2YT Vert. Mach. Ctr. 30.00 20.00 20.00 24.00 8K 3000     Thru Spindle Coolant        2018
Haas VF-6 Vert. Mach. Ctr. 63.00 31.00 30.00 34.00 8K 4000     CE Control Retrofit in 2004          1998
Creative Evol. HS-1100 Vert. Mach. Ctr. 43.00 23.50 21.50 29.50 24K 2000     40 x 17 Pallet Changer                   2004
Creative Evol. FMC-850 Vert. Mach. Ctr. 33.50 20.00 21.00 27.50 12K 1600     2006
Creative Evol. FMC-1060 Vert. Mach. Ctr. 39.37 23.62 21.65 27.50 15K 2000 43.3   Koma Precision Rotary Table    2011
Creative Evol. FMC-1060 Vert. Mach. Ctr. 39.37 23.62 21.65 27.50 15K 2000 43.3   40 x 17 Pallet Changer / TSC       2016
Creative Evol. HSD-500 Carbon Cutter 20.00 16.00 14.00 20.00 30K 770     600 IPM Max Feedrate                 2013
Creative Evol. HMR-1189 Hor. Mach. Ctr. 43.00 31.00 35.00   10K 1430     28" Rotary Table / TSC                 2016
Milltronics VM17 Vert. Mach. Ctr. 28.00 14.00              
Milltronics MB19 Vert. Mach. Ctr. 31.00 18.00     4K        
Charmille Cut E 600 CNC Wire EDM 23.62 15.75 13.78     1000 40 31 2019
Charmille Roboform 40 CNC Sinker EDM 19.50 15.75 23.50   120a 2200 46 30 EROWA,  6 Sta. Changer     Retro 2002
(2) Bridgeport Series I Vertical Mills 9.00 42.00              
Bridgeport Series II Vertical Mill 12.00 56.00              
Kent Surface Grinder 60.00 24.00             1998
Proth Surface Grinder 30.00 15.00             1985
Haas ST-30 CNC Lathe 12.50 n/a 26.00   3400   21" dia   12" 3-Jaw,  12-Pos. Turret      2014
Victor 1640 Toolroom Lathe             16" dia   1985
DeVleig KM3B Hor. Boring Mill           6000 48 30 Ancient
Wells Hor. Cut-off Saw 18.00 inf. 16.00            
Wells Scissor Saw 9.00 inf. 15.00            
Material Handling Bridge Cranes: (2) 5-ton,  (1) 7.5-ton, (1) 10-ton, (7) Jib Cranes, 5 & 12k Forklifts,  (3) 1/2 ton p/u's & (1) 32k GVRW truck
CAD / CAM CAD: (3) Siemans NX 11.0,  (2) AutoCad Mechanical              CAM: (1) Siemans NX 11.0,  (3) Surfcam

The Automotive Experts

We’re experts in producing die cast dies for the automotive industry. For more than 35 years, we’ve been instrumental in the manufacture of the following die cast parts: 

  • Structural parts (such as brackets) for automotive suspension and power steering pumps
  • Transmission housings
  • Power steering housings
  • Bell housings
  • Compressor housings
  • Engine manifolds
  • Gas meter housings
  • Water meter housings
  • Regulators
  • Valves
  • Rack and pinion steering tools (for both electric and hydraulic steering)
  • Motorcycle brake handles and clutch handles

And More…

Midewest Die About Us 2But that’s not all. At Midwest Die we also make superior die cast dies for:

  • Power tool housings
  • Hardware brackets
  • Heat sinks for electronics and electrical components
  • Appliances
  • Consumer products

In fact, we serve a multitude of industries, in addition to automotive and electronics, including:

  • Recreation (boating, hunting, fishing, off-road, archery)
  • Medical 
  • Energy Generation
  • Aerospace
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Defense
  • Furniture

Our end-users include:

  • John Deere and other heavy equipment manufacturers
  • General Motors
  • Chrysler Automotive
  • Ford
  • Honda
  • Nisson
  • Mercedes
  • Detroit Diesel
  • Harley Davidson
  • Haworth Furniture
  • Steel Case Furniture

And to keep us abreast of the industry’s most current technological trends and manufacturing processes, we maintain membership in the following associations:

Trust Us

You can trust the professionals at Midwest Die Corp. to produce for you an exceptional die cast die for optimal accuracy and productivity. Our keen attention to detail has made us the industry experts since 1982.

You’ll see…The Difference Is in the Details! Midwest Die About Us 4